Cue send panners

Hi all,

In preferences I have checked the “link panners” option, so when I create sends the panning for each send is the same as the faders for every track.

However when I activate the cue sends all the panners are centred and I have to adjust the pan of each track individually so that when I listen via cue sends the panning is the same as if I was listening through the monitor.

Am I missing something here because I don’t seem to be able to even copy and paste the pan settings in mix console from the faders to the cue sends?

Based on my past problems I figure it will something simple, but I cant for the life of me see it, so can anyone here give me some advise please??

Thanks in advance,

Jim B

I don’t believe that option applies to Cue sends as it does to regular sends. You need to use the Cue Mix context menu and then “Use Current Pan Settings”. Right click in the Control room (on a cue channel makes setting for just that cue, clicking anywhere else should affect all cues). I think the pulldown in the upper right of the mixer also has this.

Thanks for that Brihar,

That’s what I wanted although its not as good as the link panners preference, but it’ll do :smiley:

That’s the problem with getting to grips with all the control functions, there seems to be so many of 'em!!

Many many thanks for taking the time to clue me up!!

Jim B

Was linking channel panning to cue sends panning added to later versions?

I am still using Cubase 9 but this really drives me nuts having to go to the Cue Mix Context Menu all the time to keep the headphone mix the same as the main mix. :smiling_imp: