Cue sends, Control room questions..


Why is the sound coming from cue send listening so poor? If I insert efx or EQ/compressor on the cue send channels, does that not bring some latency for the musicians? I want the recording musicians to hear the same quality of sound as I do , but be able to use the “more me” function as I have separate cue cannels going to a headphoneamp in the recordingroom…

How do YOU do to make it good?


Hi Soderlund,

the Cue sends should have the same sound as your channel. They are AFTER inserts. Insert FX at the Cue channels are just for individual settings. For example one singer wants to have more bass, the other wants a limiter… But normally I don’t use the Cue insert FX. Perhaps your Cue sound is poor, because you didn’t send everything to the Cue. Did you send all reveverbs, groups, effect channels…? I guess, I will do a video about this, the routing and so on.

Best regards, Tim

Well I do not record with efx , I have a studio with outboard gear Preamps,EQ Compressor etc. which I control the incoming audio with and as you say, It should not be any great difference between my mix or the cue send, but it is. Even in my controlroom if I choose to listen to the cue mix or my main mix the cue mix lacks of bass and sound kinda weak and midrangey… Thats why I was thinking that I may have to make a second, musicians mix to listen to when recording which of course is not a proper way to work… The sound I hear on each channel shall be what the musicians also will hear , am I right?
Thanks for answer. Micke.

If the CUE’s don’t mirror the channels, something is wrong in your signal path
isn’t the main mix also the monitor path? you get double volume on your mix compared to CUE’s that way

Hi, I can choose to listen either mix or cue. But yes, the mainmix is the monitor path.The volume does not get twice as strong, it it more like that there is a high pass filter on the cue, starting around 150-200 Hz. I have three RME ADI 8 where one of these is for CUElistening, could that one gone broken…? I first thougt that my ART headphone amp was a bad product but I have the same bad sound listening through cue and my main monitors. I am going to the studio later today. Do you have any snapshot picture showing Nuendos path/phones/monitor that you know works? Excuse my poor english… Best regards Micke

IMHO the main mix should NOT be the monitor path
can you assign the main mix to another output and see if that changes things?
Also do you run Totalmix? how are your settings there?

You probably know this, but here goes anyway:

When you listen to the main mix, you are hearing everything as per the main fader level on each track, while the Cue Mixes in the control Room get their levels from the individual cue levels set for each track and cue in the Cues section in the Rack. Therefore if the Cue levels are not the same as the levels of the faders on each track, or if not everything is being sent via the cue mix levels on each track, a cue mix will sound different. Also, if you have Groups set up, make sure you are not sending the Group levels AND the individual component tracks in each group through the cues.

In the Control Room, select one of the four Cue sections and click on [Mix]. This will send the main mix that you are hearing through the cue send, so it should be identical to your mix. If, when you switch back to [Cues] the sound changes, then difference is probably to do with the cue levels being sent from each track.

Hope this helps.

Ok… How do you set up your listening mix? Totalmix-RME I never even glance at…


Thanks for your help! I have solved the problem…