Cue Sends, Key Commands, ASIO Direct Monitoring


i’m going to record a band next week and although I could use a traditional setup with a DM2000 i wanna try to do it entirely in the box using Keyboard Shortcuts and Midi-Controllers. Since we’ve got a RME-Card, I can use zero latency (“direct-”) monitoring and still controll my Cue-Sends in Cubase via “ASIO Direct Monitoring”. It worked very well in my tests, but there are a few features I couldn’t find that would really improve the workflow:

    1. Controlling the Cue-Send levels with a generic midi controller - I had to use a workaround with the “Quick Controls” to achieve this (would that be easier with eucon?)
  1. There is a nice function that lets me copy the Main-Fader levels of the selected tracks to a specific Cue-Send level and the same for the pan position. Why can’t I use a keyboard shortcut or Midi-Controller for this? Unfortunately I have to use a dropdown menu for this…
  2. This is not as important as the other two points, but sometimes it would be awesome to be able to link the Main Panner and the Cue-Send Panners. Especially since the panning of the Direct-Monitoring doesn’t follow the Main-Panner, even if the Cue-Send is set to post-fader

Please let me know if there are possibilities that I just didn’t find to achieve those things. If those features are really missing, they would be huge improvements for recording without old-fashioned mix-consoles. In fact I would consider buying a UR824 if those features would be available.
And yes, I’m sure that the few milliseconds latency of non direct monitoring do make a difference!
Thanks in advance for any tipps or answers :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany,