Cue sends panning

Hello Cubasers,
As it is by default, I have to configure manually the pan of each track cue send to the same position as its mixer track.
Is it somehow possible Cue sends to follow the same pan position of mixer console tracks?

Just select all the tracks in the mixer you want to have the same pan value and click on Qlink. Now you can adjust the pan for all channels simultaneously.
On the other hand…If you want a cue to have the exact same settings as the mix? Why not select ‘mix’ in the cue send channel instead of ‘cue’?

Thanks Nickeldome,
I use the cue sends for headphones mixes (to the drum booth, vocal room etc) and I want to have independent volume from each one of them.
However, when they listen to the multitrack playback, I want the main mix pans for the cues. Even when I select “mix” for the cues, the pan doesn’t follow my mixer channels pan.

Good question? But I don’t usually deal with ‘pan’ in cue channels? Just the levels of channels fed to the cue and mix. Sorry, I’m not at my studio to test so maybe someone else can test this and confirm?

If you select “mix” for the cues, you get a copy of the mix, not of the single channels. Since you get a copy of the mix, if the channel pans don´t do anything in your Cue signal, you probably have a mono Cue, or a mono phones amp channel or there´s something else you are doing wrong

Well… my preamps and Cues are stereo, I maybe do something else wrong.
The last time I routed “mix” for the Cues, I still could not get mixer’s panning for the cues, but I will try again to see what’s going on. By the way I just found an option when right clicking on the monitor section, where I can copy mixer pan settings to the selected cue.

No need to do each track manually not in fron t of Cubase just now so the exact name/location may be a little innacurate, but In the cue (right click?) menus, there are options fo A. “Apply current mixer levels to cue sends for all selected channels” and B. “apply current pan settings to all selected channels”, or something like that. Just click them both and off you go.

Edit: I see you found them!

Yep but thanks mate!