Cue sheet export additions

We are very happy with the new cue sheet export function. However it would be great if there were some additional features:

When we receive AAF’s for television shows, the editors often cut music underscores into multiple adjoining clips. (see screenshot). When we export a cue sheet for all the music that was in used a specific episode, those individual clips are all presented as separate events. If we want to indicate how much music was used from a specific underscore, we first need to glue those clips together (see screenshot) in order to present it as a single event in the cue sheet. However, by doing so we loose the (cross)fades, and are unable to “un-glue” the separate clips again. (That’s why we first create duplicates from the music tracks).

Would it be possible to have the cue sheet export have the option to interpret multiple adjoining clips that have the same description (or filename) as one single event?

Also, we usually have multiple audiotracks that have music on them. When exporting the cue sheet, the events are presented per track. It would by nice to have the option to present them “chronologically” rather than per track. Now, we have to move all the events from the different music tracks to a single track in order to get a chronological presentation of the events.

1-Music split into multiple clips.png
2-Music clips glued.png

A little addition: I just figured out the by using the “Events to part” function I am able to create a single part, including (cross)fades, which can be dissolved when required. This is also possible for parts that have been glued. All I need to find now is the possibility to have Nuendo detect and select adjoining / overlapping clips so I can create a macro.

I have been struggling with this also. What I would like is to be able to list the total times for each file used in a project.

You can do that in the “pool” window. There you’ll find the number of times for each file used. But it would be nice to have this in cuesheet as well.

+1 for interpret multiple adjoining clips (like events to part) and chronological presentation of tracks.

It would also be nice to have control of other data visual in the cuesheet (on/off sample rate, frame rate, bit depth, marker track list, video track list, configuration, length etc.). What is configuration? I suppose Length is showing all lengths added?

Company and author have to be filled in into the project itself, it does not look at the corresponding fields that were put in the preferences.

Great feature though, I have all confidence that Steinberg will built some nice Options for it.