Cue sheet naming

Trying to wrap my head around custom and automatic variables. I want to make a preset for automatically naming CD Cue Sheets, something like "[Project name] Side [automatically insert CD Track Group variable]. Trying to set this up in Custom Variable Values. I put in a name in the name field, a value (like %Side%) in the value field, and select the @CdTrackGroup@ variable in the Value field. But whenever I go back to this page, the Value field is empty. I also don’t get how I’m supposed to trigger this in the “Name” filed in the Audio CD Report dialog.

I’ve tried a bunch of things, like putting @CdTrackGroup@ in the name field and so on, but the cd reports always just come out with names exactly as written. Clearly I don’t understand how to trigger the automatic variables.

Anyone who can enlighten me?

You, you want to specify the name of the output audio file, which is also the name of the .cue file?
Are you really speaking about the .cur file? Because you also speak about the CD Report, which is something else.

No I want to specify the name of the CD report (pdf)

The naming of the CD Report can’t be automated.

I see, that certainly explains my lack of success. I was a bit tricked by the location of the drop-down menu:

This would be a really nice feature though; actually I’d like to automate my exports for for example vinyl. Example:

  • Export all populated cd groups as wavs (I’ve figured out how to add attributes to these file names at least)
  • Create CD cue sheets for all populated cd groups, with same attribute functions as for the wav files

That way I could quickly export all my vinyl files in one click.

Indeed, the naming scheme that is available for the Render section, could also be useful for the CD report. I note the idea.