Cue source auto switch when record (Mix/Cue)

I would need a feature in Cubase 12 Control Room.
I use 4 Cues. The problem is the following with selecting their source:

  • When I press record, I want all the 4 Cues to listen to their Cue mixes
  • But if I just hit play (and not record), I’d like Cubase to select Mix on every Cues
    When a band is recording, the musicians should listen to their Cue mixes, as monitoring. But when the recording is stopped, I’d change all the source of their Cues to the Main Mix, therefore I have to open each Cue, and click to select Mix as source.

I’d like to have it automated, like the Talkback automation in Preferences (Auto Disable Talkback Mode)
I can’t set up a Macro for this - there is no command for selecting Mix or Cue on each Cues.
The only way to do this is the Generic Remote, if all the 4 Cue Mix/Cue buttons are on the same address, but I have no controller for this… and it’s not automated.

Thank you in advance for a solution for this, and sorry if I missed something.

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Add the feature-request tag, please.

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