Cue staves in scores and Rehearsal Marks / System Text

Hi — I’m stuck on something and wondering if anyone has a clue about this. I have a vocal score which has some percussion lines in it as cue lines (not to be played from) — these staves are 60% size. Normally there would be at least one full size vocal stave above them (see screenshot), above which rehearsal marks, tempo marks and scene headings (system text) appear, also full size. But sometimes there is no vocal music so those staves are automatically hidden, leaving the percussion cue line as the uppermost stave — which then forces the rehearsal marks and system text to be also at 60%. Obviously, that isn’t what I want — they should appear at 100%, but the scale function doesn’t work (it says they are normal sized, if you activate it) and there is nothing in properties in Write or Engrave that I can find to get these back to full size in this place. Am I missing something?

I know there is a work-around by forcing a vocal stave to be visible, but that’s obviously not ideal (since the stave would be empty).

In the screenshot I copied the scene title and Rehearsal mark on the system below (at 100%) for size comparison.

oh … lol… sorry — I just realised that although the scale function doesn’t register them as cue sized, I can use the custom scale feature at 166% and that DOES work, to get them back to 100% size.

Leaving this post here in case anyone else finds that useful!