Cue tags in mixer?

In this pic it shows ‘cue’tags below the sends in the channels, I have set up VST Connect etc but do not have these in my mixer? What do they do and do I need them?

You need to configure the ‘Racks’ item (top middle in the pic) and enable cue sends.

after quite a few successful tests by tethering a laptop to my mobile and getting a good mix in the cans - By dragging the ‘Performer’ tab in the Mixer window onto the tracks I want to send to the performer, activating the ‘Cue’ Tabs in the dest and from there doing a quick mix (inc Panning). On Monday/Tuesday im going to record some Sax and Bass…if all goes well, I will be buying it (god help you musi).
It really need a simplified documentation - a step-by-step as the supplied docs and the available PDF just complicate things.

Now for my final question…
I am running v connect on my PC. Which version of VST Performer will the performers need to be able to connect to me and is it available for them to download? has the latest beta versions - use these

hi andyp13, sorry for having been a bit harsh, it seems I overreacted a bit, not considering you were actually trying to make it work and under a lot of pressure these days. My bad, apologies.
All the more are we glad to hear that you could get it to work. As dr pointed out already, you should want to use the 4.0.40 (or 50 beta) on either end.

No apology needed, I was just as bad, clean slate etc…
I connected up again this afternoon, and again it worked like a charm, (tethering my laptop) so I’m looking forward to doing some recording this week. Now that I know how to get access to the cues in the mixer I use them for mixing the levels etc…I was using the channel faders before that. :grimacing: