Cue tracks number limitation

I’m studying the CR and cannot understand why are cue tracks limited to 4. Isn’t 5 musicians playing together a possible scenario in a recording session?

5 Separate Cue mixes is actually quite a bit. Yes there can be more than 5 musicians but not all of them need their own discrete mix. In other words, 2 or more musicians can share the same mix.
Hardware-wise this is done by splitting the same mix and sending it to two or more headphones.

Thank you @paulster44, I was imagining that each of them would have his instrument level a bit over the others. I was also considering the opportunity of managing a live session with Cubase, using more than 4 aux sends as a digital mixer can do. Probably using specific group tracks routed to distinct output channels fits better this case and breaks this limitation, am I wrong?