Cue Tracks

I am working in Cubase on a song and using the Arranger track to show and lay out Verse/Chorus, Lyrics and Chords in the project. The Arranger does this now but is very cumbersome to work with. Is there a better way to do this? If not then I request a new type of track be created called something like a Cue Track.

It could look similar to the Arranger track but would allow direct typing of lyrics or notes in the project track. Color would be supported and it should be able to display larger fonts. Even better if it could be seen remote on a tablet. That would allow you to hand a table to say, the Vocalist and they would have a Cue as to their lyric lines. This would be very handy and I think even Studios might use it to some degree. In addition there should be provision to have more than one Cue Track or the ability to use one with multiple stacked ‘cells’ or sections so you could display different categories of information. Or that provision could be done using multiple tracks stacked one below the other.

Here is a link to a picture of what I am talking about, again this was done in the Arranger track. Use of it about doubles the time it should take to record this info as it really is not mean to do this.