Can anyone help me? I have just bought Cuebase Artist 8 and activated it. After recording three songs I left the computer for a short time, when I returned I could no longer get sound from using my Midi keyboard as an input. The sound volumes on the mixers are up where they should be and, the keyboard works fine with my Sampletank software? Also I do get sound when I click with the mouse as an input.
I spent a long time trying to get the Cuebase Artist 8 sound back through my keyboard but nothing. Can anybody help please?


Can you hear the sound, when you play the virtual keyboard of the virtual instrument, or on the keyboard in the KeyEditor? If yes the problem is in the keyboard (and sending data to Cubase – can you see the MIDI Input signal on Transport Panel of Cubase)? If no, the problem is in the audio part.

Thank you for your help on my sound issues! Now I have more information I may be able to solve this.
Thanks again!

Another thing that may cause this… Windows can put your USB ports to sleep (“turn off this device to save power”). This is disabled in the Device Manager (if you are on Windows, of course) in the Properties of the USB Root Hub entries.

If you are on a Mac, sorry I’m no help. You should list your computer specs. Most folks list them in their forum ‘signature’.