Cuebase LE 5

I recently purchased a Zoom H4N portable MP3 recorder that has Cuebase LE 5 bundled with it. I installed the software and am now trying to use it. Being a novice to this program I have some questions regarding its use. The main one I have for now is this: I recorded my bands performance on the Zoom as an MP3 file. The performance was 4 hours and there are about 20 tracks on this one file. It was continuous as I didn’t stop the recording. The file is about 285 Mbps. I imported the file into Cuebase LE5 and now want to cut the file up into individual songs. I want to get rid of all the stops and starts and everything else and just keep the songs; then I want to export them out as MP3 files so I can download them into my itunes. The question is how are you supposed to do that? Can that be one single project with all of these songs individually split out? I can’t figure out how to accomplish this. I’m sure there must be a slick way to do this, but I can’t figure it out. If anyone has any ideas about this, let me know. Thanks.

You can import the mp3 in a single project in a single audio track if you want, although it might be easier to cut the songs up and put them on separate tracks just to make it easier to see what you are doing.


cut the audio part wherever you want, delete unused parts and put each song on a new track. Now mute all tracks but the one you want to export. Set the locators around this song (select the part and hit P is easiest). Now go to file → export and export to whatever format you wish.
Rinse and repeat for all the other songs.

OK. I imported the file and see all the songs on it. How do I get the first song on to a seperate track?

Select the scissor tool and cut the file where you want it. After cutting you can drag the parts around to any track you want. Dragging them into an empty area will create a new audio track for you. (I think, not familiar with LE5 but it probably will.)

So after you cut it and drag it down it creates another track. So now do I have to export that track out to a seperate file? When I do file>export, it wants to export it out as an audio mixdown. It also pops up a window that says the left and right locators must be set. What are they and How do I set those?

I think I got the locator thing figured out, but when I export it, it still exports the entire 250mbp file. I don’t understand that. I put the locators around the one song that I dragged down onto a new track. Shouldn’t it only be dealing with that individual track for exporting?

Oh yes, sorry, you have to solo the track you want to export. My bad :slight_smile:

It still exports the entire 250 meg file out when all I selected was the one song. What am I doing wrong here?

Put up a screenshot of your project window if you can.

I can’t paste the screen shot on this forum

Save it to a file first and then add it as an attachement or upload it somewhere else.

Anyway, exporting should be as simple as:

Set the locators around the audio part you want, solo the audio track with this part (and just this track, all others should be muted!) and hit export. If that does not do it I’m not sure what else is wrong :confused:

OK, I may have figured this out somewhat. I am able to now export my songs to MP3 files, but what I have encountered when I do this is a window that pops saying “Until January 26, 2012 you will have 10 remaining encodings”. That number decreases by one each time I export a song out. What happens when I use up the remaining 10 and I still have songs that I haven’t exported? Do I have to start paying to export the songs out? I thought the software I got with the Zoom would allow me to export unlimited files out. Do you know anything about that? Thanks.

Ah yes, the mp3 exporting license you got with LE5 is a trial license. To be honest I’m not entirely sure what happens when it runs out, because my license ‘should’ also be a trial license but it just keeps working and I don’t get any popups :wink:.

Should it run out, I think the complete license is €20,- from the steinberg store, or you can just export to Wav and use any of the gazillion free wav to mp3 converter programs on the net.

I have another question for you. I have been trying to export the files out to MP3 on my hard drive and when I select the export command to export the file out I keep getting a window that pops up saying “Not Enough Space on Drive” I have over 600Gigs available on my hard drive but for some reason it keeps telling me there is not enough space. Any thoughts about that one?

Sounds like you have the locators the wrong way round, if the space between the locators is red then that will be the problem

Thanks. That fixed the problem. I have another question regarding editing. I have a Zoom H4N that I put in the multitrack mode and recorded 4 track of music. I imported the files into Cuebase and wanted to edit the noise out of one of the tracks. What’s the best way to do that without affecting the timeline.

Use the scissors on the arrange page and cut the track around the noise then either delete the noise. OR, use the clip volume handles and pull the gain down on the offending clips.

This may sound stupid, but what are the locators and how do I fix them? Thanks a lot!

If you don’t know what they are, how do you know something is wrong with them?

Sounds like you have the locators the wrong way round, if the space between the locators is red then that will be the problem[/quote]

If you don’t know what they are, how do you know something is wrong with them?


I have the same “not enough space on drive” problem that the other guy had and figured that the fix would be the same for me. I just didn’t know what I was fixing.