cuebase le5 device controll panel help needed

im trying to set up the daw portion of my software, and derections say to go to device, after instlling the mackie controler, click on driver name under vst audio, and then click on controll panel button on right to assign driver chanel.
when i click on controll panel nothing happens, there is no info displayed,
software and driver removed and installed numerus times , everything else is checked and seems to be by the book.

when in vst conections, can not add or see the driver name or add to inputs 1-8
8 hours and 100 less hairs and going

any ideas out there ?

First of all, is this a MIDI controller or some kind of audio interface? It seems your driver is screwed up, which may or may not be Cubase’s fault. To determine this, you would need to try it in another DAW. Meanwhile, you can go through that same process, only this time using the ASIO4ALL driver, which you can find here:

This would only be to keep you working until you can sort out your issues with the other driver. If your driver does not work in another host application, then you’ll of course want to get in touch with the manufacturer.