Cuebase Remote via Yamaha LS9 help

I want to use the LS9 as a remote for Cubase. I tried the generic Controler, but was limited to 127 Controler adresses. Can I use Sysex data from the LS9 to get acsess to more parameters? Has anybody expeience with the LS9 Remoting?
Thanks a lot Sakha :question:

Question is, what you want to control with the LS9… !?

I am also interested in this.

I am running 64bit cubase 6, and there is no LS9 option on my copy!
I have an LS9 - 32 running 2 16ch optical ADAT cards into an RME Hammerfall
32ch Optical Adat card in my PC.

I want to use midi to allow me to control fader adjustment, mute, arm from the desk, and if it was possible eq would be great!

I want to be able to control these functions from my desk, and also allow the timeline programming to be replicated in real time i.e fader mvements programmed / recorded on tracks to happen on the desk during playback.

I have absolutely no idea how to do this, but it looks like it should be possible!

If anyone can offer any advice / help it would be great.

I think this is basically what the op wanted too…

In fact, this is not possible. You can remote faders and “on” knobs as a generic remote control in Cubase - but no eq, transport features, etc.

And how do you achieve that?

A remote faders and on’s would be great!

Ive been trying to get Studio manager to work, i can sync my ls9 to studio manager fully when it is running independently, but when i open studio manager in cubase, the ls9 is not visible.
I know that full controll of the ls9 is possible via pc, and visa versa, but integration to cubase is the issue.

do you have a generic controller file you could share, that will give the basic fader and on’s functionality?

i dont need any transport features anyway, my keyboard is more than sufficient for that!

I just want the fader and mute controls.

I can share this file and will do so, once I´m back to studio later, but this file does not work, if the settings on LS9 are not made 100% correctly… It took me about 3 days to figure out, how it has to be… But already forgot most of it again…

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I am also having this problem and was wondering if you ever did get round to re-figuring it out.