Cueing Unpitched Percussion?

I tried out the Cue Tool this evening, and it is pretty amazing. One difficulty I had was trying to apply a cue for a Tam-Tam hit. I wanted to cue from the piano part, but all the Cue Tool seemed to do was write “Tam-Tam” in cue print above the Tam-Tam staff. I thought perhaps I would need to add the piano as a rhythmic cue, but that did not seem possible.

Am I failing to see something, or is this a capability to be developed later? Since unpitched percussion sometimes has notes few and far between, the ability to add cue notes for them seems important.

Thanks. I am awed by the new capabilities in this upgrade.

You can’t directly cue a pitched instrument onto an unpitched instrument, but see “Cueing to an unpitched instrument” on page 8 of the Version History document.

Okay. It feels somewhat like a work-around, but it does work. I read through the History yesterday but clearly that bit did not stick.
Thank you.