Cues disappear when importing flows into new project

Hello everyone,

I have written several flows of orchestral music in separate files, each containing cues.

However, when importing the flows together into a new project, all the cues seem to disappear. I’m using Dorico 3.5.

If this can’t be done I will loose many hours of work. I don’t wanna go over 220 pages of music manually copying the cues. I really need them to import in this new file, as the musicians need a manageable amount of sheets of music (one file → several flows per page). And the premiere is in two weeks…

Thank you,


Edit: I just saw this problem in an other thread, but this functionnality seems so necessary that I am bumping the topic! Any workarounds?

As I said in my reply in the original thread, I can perform this import for you if you send me the projects and tell me what needs to be imported where.

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Thank you Daniel !

The is really kind of you. I sent you an email containing all the details.

Other than this, I’ve been really impressed by the power of Dorico 3.5 in dealing with orchestral scores, in terms of speed of workflow, reliability, condensing, engraving, etc. World class in record time!

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