Cues for Unpitched Percussion

I just completed a commissioned work for orchestra, in Dorico. While preparing the parts with cues, I noticed that unpitched percussion instruments do not allow/permit/accept cues from pitched instruments. This is a huge problem that must be addressed by the Dorico development team. Also, cues cannot be copied and pasted from one instrument to another.

Cues can be copied and pasted from one instrument to another: select the cue label (if the cue itself is shown) or the signpost (if the cue is hidden) and you can copy and paste that like any other item.

It is unfortunately a limitation that you cannot create a pitched cue on an unpitched percussion kit. Users often employ a workaround such as assigning a pitched instrument as well as the percussion kit to that player and putting the cue on the pitched instrument, then hiding the instrument change labels that will appear as the music for the percussionist switches back and forth between the percussion kit and the pitched instrument.

Daniel!! Thank you for the fast response. I’m honored here!! I’m making a note now to add a pitched instrument to my non-pitched perc kit(s) for cue assignments. Thanks you!! I’m still learning a few tricks within Dorico as you can see.