Cues: hide cued-instrument designation?

I’m working with a jazz drum set part and I have above-staff cues so the drummer can know how to accompany the band.
In this situation, it isn’t essential that the drummer knows exactly what instrument part is being cued. In fact, this information is cluttering up his part.
Highlighting the cue and opening the Properties panel, however, doesn’t reveal a way to hide this designation from the drummer’s part.
I see “show text” which I tried un-checking–didn’t work. And there’s also the “Hide” switch–but that just hides the entire cue.
Any suggestions? Or workarounds?

You can change the Start text property to be e.g. a single space.

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@wrldwdarr I still had the file you previously uploaded in another thread and so I just created the Tpt cue at letter A. I seemed to be able to hide the cue title by switching Start text off and on again

Is this not the case for you?

That worked! Thanks!