Cues in Condensed score

in the attached excerpt of a piece, I have problems with cues in condensing.
If you look at the score, you can see, where I added cues to the parts.
“Großer Chor” is a playing score for Choir 1 (“Großer Chor”). When I switch on condensing, the cues disappear. Any suggestion, how I can make the cue reappear? Preferably only in the upper system.

Cues in Condensed Score.dorico (996.1 KB)

Adittional information: I’m preparing the music for a cnocert in may. I’m not quite sure, if the conductor prefers single parts or playing scores for all three choirs. Therefore I would like to prepare both in one project.

Hi @HeiPet maybe this is not (jet) possible. See here:

and here: