Cues in drum layout adding rests


I did a search and nothing came up. I’ve got a drum layout to which I’ve added a cue from the voice staff. The cue ends, as you can see in the pic, at the end of the 6/8 bar. However, it’s adding extraneous rests in the next line… I can’t select these, delete, hide or do anything to them, I can’t select the last note of the cue to select the ends voice property (I’m sure that’s because it’s a cue, not an actual note…)

Any thoughts?


Would help if I added the pic…

It would help if you would post a Dorico file of enough measures to reproduce the difficulty you are facing.

Ok, annoyingly, I changed the cue in the drum part to normail cue sized notes as a workaround, which solved the problem. I went back to add the cue again to re-create the problem to post here and it didn’t add the extraneous rests…

Thanks for the reply though Derek, I appreciate it, even though I have no idea why it fixed itself…


It’s because you posted about it! :joy:

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You’re probably right!