Cues in Drum-Part - not possible?

Great - thanks. :slight_smile:

I think I need more elaboration on “if instrument changes are allowed” because I’m having a devil of a time trying to figure out how to have the drummer switch to a pitched instrument (alto sax in this case) at a specific measure. I have the drummer “player” assigned to both drumset and alto sax, with the drumset as the shown instrument in the score currently.

Take a look at the attached – hopefully it will be instructive. If not, holler. (381 KB)

Checked out the example. I see it’s possible - no idea how to get there. I think I have everything set up the same in the Setup Mode that matters. When I select a section to add as a cue, the dialogue doesn’t even give me an option if I’m trying to add a cue to the drum part, even with the alto sax as an additional instrument for the drumset “player”. And copying and pasting in the melody doesn’t force an instrument change either, so I just get the rhythmic stuff with drumset noteheads. I have no idea how the instrument change works. I would expect something like a popup option or a menu command where I select the measure I’d want an instrument change and select something like “Instrument change->Alto Saxophone” but I’m not finding anything like that.

Instrument change is automatic in Dorico. Display the galley view in Write mode (alt-cmd-2) and you’ll see all the instruments held by the players. As soon as something is written for an instrument, it will appear in Page view. If the previous music was played on another instrument, this new material will display an instrument change. Just make sure that the same player only plays one instrument simultaneously :wink:

This video shows you how instrument changes work.

Ah, I had to go to Galley view, apparently. Missed that detail. Thanks.

Very clever, thank you. Only in Dorico would you need a flute part to create a workable drum set part.

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