Cues in italian

In Dorico 1.2 the Cues are translated in italian as “Acciaccatura”
This is completely wrong! Acciaccatura is a grace note.
A cue should be translated as “Entrata”. Another familiar term is “Chiamata”
The button “Suggest Cues” was not translated at all in the italian interface of the program.
Thank you
Stefano Rabaglia
Parma, Italy

Thanks, Stefano, I will pass this feedback on to our Italian translator.

The ‘Suggest Cues’ panel was finalised very late in the development of the update and so we were unable to get it translated in languages other than German and Japanese before release, but we’ll get these terms translated as soon as we can.

Thank you very much.
I forgot to say “great job” for 1.2 update. Bravo!

Thank you, we appreciate the feedback (both constructive and complimentary) very much.

In orchestra, we’ve been always used the term “guida/guide”.

However, I would also like to join in the congratulations for this massive and terrific update!

Thanks, mati, I will pass this suggestion on to our Italian translator too.