Cues in last half of bar


I am in 4/4 and have a bar of four quarter notes.

I wish to create cues in another instrument for this bar but I wish to have the cues start on beat three of the original bar not beat one.

Any changes I make to the original bar changes the cues as well. I cannot change any notes in the cue to rests.

I’ve searched for a solution in the manual, on the web, and in this forum and can’t seem to track down an answer.

All help appreciated.

You can drag the handle at the beginning of the existing cue - it’s a little circle. Alternatively, delete the existing cue, put the caret on the third beat of the bar (on the destination stave), type Shift-U, then start typing the name of the source instrument and pick from the dropdown. Then extend using the handle at the end of the cue.

Nevermind. I copied to my desired location edited the bar, changing the unwanted notes to rests. I then used the used the “scale command” in the Properties panel to reduce copied and edited notes to cue size. Thanks.

Thanks, Pianoleo - I will try that in the next instance. Cheers.