cues not importing from flows?

SOS - I have spent hours and days inserting orchestral cues in several individual files, intending to amalgamate those flows into one larger project. However, when I now import the flows into the main project, the cues don’t seem to be imported. They simply vanish. (My Layout Options in the main project are set to show cues, so that’s not the problem. They are simply not there… They don’t show either in the score or in the parts.) Any help?

Unfortunately at the moment cues are not preserved when you import flows, but I have been looking at this for the last little while and I believe I can make this work in our development builds. If you want to email me your projects at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de I will import the flows for you, hopefully preserving cues in the process. Sorry for the inconvenience caused!

Thank you Daniel, I will do that. Just for information (to prevent frustration for others as well): is there any other information which is lost when one exports or imports flows?

Quite possibly, but none that springs to mind at the moment.