"Cues on Fader" mode

Like digital mixers by a feature you can adjust cue sends by mixconsole faders. in mixconsole’s somewhere in the right zone in CR part will be a Cue 1,2,3,4 sends on fader. and after press it again you will be reture to master out mode.

This would be handy…

It’s still very counter intuitive for all sliders (save channel volumes) to be situated horizontally. My brain will likely never make the transition- took forever to move from knobs to faders.

This could be sort of folders for each track, and both for fx-sends and cue sends.

It’s a very nifty feature, for sure. And a must for live situations. Anyone who’s not familiar with it, just go to Soundcraft’s site and their UI 12/16/24R demos and play with it, they have a rather pleasing interface for the price.

But the way the Mixconsole works in Cubase, I guess it’s not possible unfortunately.

+1 for what lovely it would be to have this.