Cues on fader

Hi everyone

Is there any feature to sends cues on fader like digital mixers?


I’m not sure if I understand you right… Do you want to assign the Cue Send Level to any hardware fader? You can do so by using >Generic Remote Device.

Hi Martin

No, i want assign the Cue Send Levels to the Cubase MixConsole. is it possible?


Do I understand you right, you want to make a “proper channel” for the Cue Send? With a fader and so? Something like VCA for the Cue Send? No, this is not possible.


I think that is the protools way. They resuse their components so there are a natural mapping for remotes etc. And of course it is possible, but not implemented. So this is not a issue, the thread should be in “feature requests”, and it is a good one.

If you can do loopback in your interface you can send the cue channel back to cubase and have them on septate sends. This can be done for example with matrix routing in RME’s totalmix. I guess many other vendors has similar functions.

in digital mixers. there is a bottom named “mix on fader” when you touch it you can adjust channels send levels on faders. example: you select cue 1 and press “send on fader” and mixer’s motorized faders reset to zero and when you adjust fader volumes it will be a mix for cue 1. then you press “sends on fader” again and faders come back to main output fader mode. its not available in Cubase but will be a nice feature.


What kind of Digital Mixer do you refer to, please?

“Sends on fader” or “fader flip” is available on nearly any digital mixer.


Cubase also has a faders for Send busses available.

But not a “sends on fader” mode

“Sends on fader” or “fader flip” is available on nearly any digital mixer.

good idea thanks