Cues question(s) [Solved]

I’m working with some cues in a large ensemble, and I’m having trouble with a couple of things.

The pdf manual says cues can be selected in either Write or Engage mode, but I can only select them in Engrave Mode. And when I do select them in Engrave Mode, the Cues Property Panel doesn’t open, so I can’t access any of the properties referred to in the manual.

Am I missing something?


Lew, what happens when you (in Write Mode) select an empty bar and hit the popover shortcut for Cues SHIFT+U ?

What happens if you select the cue instrument name, rather than the music itself?

That works fine, k_b, but entering cues was never the problem; the problem was not being able to edit the cue properties after they were in. I couldn’t get the Properties Panel to appear, because clicking on the cue notes didn’t result in anything.

However, PianoLeo, you nailed it—I had to click on the cue instrument name, not the notes themselves. The Properties Panel immediately appeared, and I was good to go.

Thanks much to both of you.