Cues "Show playing techniques"

So I haven’t actually needed to use this feature yet, but in my fiddling around with the program, I’ve run into what I’d consider to be slightly odd behavior with the cue feature.

The issue is that the “Show playing techniques” button doesn’t seem to show all types of playing techniques. Most playing techniques that are text it won’t show (except for pizz. and perhaps a few others like arco?; I dunno, I haven’t gone through and systematically figured it out). Checking “show text” doesn’t fix it; that only toggles actual shift-x text. It also won’t show a few different technique symbols like bowing and perhaps other things also, but again, haven’t sorted it out.

Is this desired behavior, or is it a bug? If it is desired behavior, what’s the rhyme or reason that I seem to be missing? Thanks a bunch!

It is indeed the designed behaviour, and it is documented in the Version History document. From page 10:

Even when playing techniques are set to be included in cues, not every playing technique is included: playing techniques that indicate something that is of interest only to the player whose music is being cued (such as bowing marks for string players) will not be included in the cue. It is not currently possible for you to decide whether a particular kind of playing technique should or should not be included in cues, but this will become editable in a future version.

Beware that, for example, a playing technique such as pizz. for strings must exist within the range of the cued material for it to be included in the cue: if the pizz. instruction in the source instrument comes before the start of the cue, it will not appear in the cue. You could consider overriding the Start text property of the cue to include this information. Likewise, a slur will only be included in the cue if it both starts and ends within the cued material.

Ah, that makes a lot of sense. And the future-coming finer control will be nice. Thanks, Daniel!