Cues Show up in Galley, but not in Page View?

Hi All,

Piano 4-hands setup, trying to add a cue from the Primo to the Secondo. A bit unusual, perhaps, but useful since this is going to be an educational edition. When I add the cues, they show up properly in Write Mode in Galley View, but show up as whole rests in Page View (in either Write or Engrave mode). Screengrabs below.

Any ideas?

Cue visibility in page view is a Layout Option. Are they set to show?

Yes, they are set to show! It’s just especially strange, since the cue does show up, label and all, but just as an extra set of whole rests.

What happens if you cue the LH of the Primo part into the LH of the Secondo part?
Also, as an experiment, try cueing from, say, bar 3 to bar 5 and see what happens.

– some time later –

I created a piano duet project and then followed the video by Anthony Hughes at How to Format Music for Piano Duet | Page Layout in Dorico - YouTube . Excellent video, by the way. I had cued some bars in the RH of the Primo part into the RH of the Secondo part before applying the Master Page settings which he described and demonstrated. I then cued some bars after changing those settings. Results did seem to vary somewhat, but there seemed to be a difference depending on whether the cues were in place before or after changing the Master Page settings.

Two things to try:

  1. (quick and easy) - delete the cue and re-apply it

  2. (not so quick) - It is probably a fair bit of work, but you might try starting a new piano duet project and pasting in the notes from the existing one, then putting the cues in place before doing any of the page layout stuff in Engrave mode.

– even later –

I created another piano duet project and pasted in the notes from the original project but without selecting the cues. Then I set up the cues in the usual way, followed by the Master Page settings to produce the facing-pages Secondo-Primo layout. The cues appeared correctly (with the notes as well as the labels) after that.
It might not be a 100% correlation, but it does seem to indicate that the cues might behave themselves better by being put in place before doing any of the Master Page settings changes, rather than setting up the cues after those layout changes.