Cues - tenor sax cued to alto shown as 8vb


I am writing out part of a band score (poor photocopy of original part now lost! a perennial problem). The Alto sax score shows 16 bars of cues from Tenor sax. When I create the T Sax part and create the cues, the pitch in the alto score is an octave higher than the printed page I am working from and says 8vb - so why? why doesn’t the cue cone out an octave lower?
Help and advice will be appreciated.

  1. Is your score set to transposed or to concert pitch?
  2. Are you truly using the Tenor Sax or did Dorico think you were using a tenor singer?
  3. Did you (or Dorico) choose the version of Tenor Sax you wanted in the instrument picker? If not, you can use the Change Instrument option in Setup mode to correct the situation.

Select the cue
Open the Properties Panel
There you can set an Octave Shift

@Craig_F - many thanks - this has solved my issue - many thanks.

Stephen Bashforth