Cues to multiple staves

Can I request to select over multiple staves to insert the same cue in one go?


Steveparker, if it’s helpful: the current way I do this is by adding a cue in one staff, formatting it the way I want, and then using the Duplicate to Staff Above or Below commands (which I have mapped to Ctrl-Up and Ctrl-Down). Can I request that when I do this, all of the cue properties should already be propagated to the parts? At the moment I have to also propagate their properties, or I end up with a cue in the wrong octave.

In the meantime, an easier way is to copy the property-altered cue and paste it to multiple other staves as desired… which does, in fact, copy the property changes of that cue as well.

But copying and pasting requires roughly 3x the keystrokes, unless I’m missing something. (With the cue selected: Cmd-C, then down arrow twice, Cmd-D // vs. // Ctrl-Down ) Also, given the sometimes surprising order of Dorico selecting things with the arrow keys, one must be vigilant that the correct rest is selected after the two down-arrow keypresses…

I don’t disagree. Just pointing out that, until such functionality is added, copy-paste does include the property changes. It’s slower than “duplicate” but faster than redoing those properties each time.

Unless you really hate mice, you can paste into the other staves with one Alt-click per staff. The first cue remains selected after you create it and/or change its properties.

Thanks, Rob. I do hate mice. :slight_smile: Also, it’s easy to alt-click in slightly the wrong place if you have your grid set to a fine resolution (especially if you’re zoomed way out, looking at a whole orchestra score).

I keep trying alt-click copying but I’m just not accurate unless I zoom. I find selection of cues or their end points quite fiddly. I’d also love to use arrow keys to shift or extend the cue in the same way as it works on notes.

Yes! I just wanted to bump and reiterate this request. The cues don’t show in the score so it doesn’t really matter what their score properties are in Galley. The only thing that matters is what the properties are in the parts so Dorico can be 100% sure any change I make to them with regard to octave transposition is what I actually want in the parts.

I’m pretty good about always remembering to use Propagate Properties before working on parts, but often I’ll see a section of parts that will need cues, go back to Galley to enter them (or alt-click them in) and switch back to the part only to see it in the wrong octave. As cues are a parts-only item, it logically makes sense that any alteration I make to them whether in Galley or in the part, is what I actually want to see reflected in the part and the user shouldn’t need to be required to add the additional step of propagating.