cues to single line percussion instrument

I just had a grand time adding cues willy-nilly into my score until I tried to add a much needed cue onto the single line suspended cymbal part. Any work-arounds?

Unfortunately, it;s the one thing that does not work, the suggested solution is to have the cymbal share a pitched instrument (which can be a blank name) and write the cues there and hide the instrument change label in Engrave Mode by getting rid of the prefix and setting the custom label to a space, but that screws up the look of the staves as the pitched instrument kicks in right after the last use of the cymbal, putting the 5 line staff early. I feel that having a “cue staff” dedicated to the percussion part and living above it is the best solution, and was suggested to me by an experienced engraver who sometimes uses that technique even outside of digital engraving. You can set the staff to be smaller, and you remove it from the score layout. It’s pretty elegant actually.

Daniel pointed me to page 8 of the Version History PDF when I asked the same question yesterday.

Thanks Claude, that is indeed an elegant solution.