Cue's without Dynamics

Hi folks, i don’t get how to show up dynamic marks of the original staff in a dynamic cue? It shows notes, slurs and staff text but no ff, p or cresc.
Am i missing something?

You can either activate this in the properties of each individual cue, or you can activate it in the Engraving Options (or was itfor all cues:

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Thanks @Estigy for the fast reply. Resolved it!
@Lillie_Harris FYI: I tried with different terms to search this in Google (p.e. “Dorico dynamics in cue”, but got mostly results of the “dynamic cue” feature of Dorico. Maybe you can write this info in the documentation more explicit, so even guys like me and Google get it? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. For me, this was on the first page of results when searching the manual directly for “cues without dynamics” but I’ll make a note regardless.