Cuesbase 13 Crash

I hate to say it. But well done cubase 13. I never thought I’d meet a program more unstable than Ableton but, here we are. Way to brick your program so hard that it can’t even provide me with error tickets to send to Steinburg anymore. Way to trash your program lol.
You could be the best. But alas. Anyway BIG thanks to Cuebase 13 for deleting numerous files, Projects and more. Couldn’t have done it without you. You guys should Intern at Bitwig or Studio one. Maybe you’ll learn something about making stable software then.

I guess based on your post, you don’t need any help then ?

Help would be very much appreciated. Come on. As if I’d give up. I use Cuebase as my DAW of choice. No one chooses to use cubase unless they want to ruin their lives. No program hurts as much. But no program can do what it does either. So I have to use it. I imagine it’s going to take a while for them to do this. As I’m crashing on a top line M2 from this year. It’s just very poor to see a company go through beta and alpha only to make a program crush more and not do the basic functions that made It a choice DAW in the first place. So yes. all help is appreciated.


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Thinking the same… :thinking: