Curious a2 appearance in condensed woodwinds

I noticed that a passage is rendered in condensed view with a2 on every note:

… meanwhile the Galley View shows this:


I’m curious what might be causing this, this happens on all woodwinds playing this pattern.

Just woodwinds?

I’ve just entered this pattern into a project and it condenses as it should.

Can you upload project?

Dorico could be interpreting the rests as separating (one-note) phrases, but then, Daniel says he is not seeing it, and I do not know either of your settings behind the scenes.

These kinds of redundant labels aren’t uncommon. For the time being, the thing to do is hide them via the Properties panel in Engrave mode.


In case it’s useful to anyone, I wanted to update this thread with the reference to what Daniel talks about here, in connection with resetting condensing to “refresh” the process:

You don’t need to explicitly switch on the “manual condensing” slide switch and activate Reset in your condensing change: simply activating the checkbox for the condensing group you want Dorico to reconsider is sufficient.

My issue with flutes above (and the same exact issue with clarinets and bassoons later in the score) was resolved after inserting a condensing change and only activating the single button in a row on the left that listed the instruments, apparently that’s all Dorico needed.