Curious about new (?) behavior of "forward" during playback

With C5, if I pressed the + key on the number pad during playback, the cursor would jump ahead and playback would continue. With C6, the cursor still jumps forward in the timeline, but playback stops.

Is this the way you’d expect “forward” to behave in C6? I wonder if there’s something I tweaked in C5 to get the behavior I want. I have tried mapping ordinary “fast forward” to the + key and that just makes the cursor fly to right until I hit stop, so that’s not it.


I´m not on C6, but maybe you just have to set the same preference in C6 that you have to set in C5 to make it behave that way…!?

Yup. “Stop playback when winding” or similar.

Thanks! I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t find it on my own . . .