Curious about plug in upgrades

Thinking about upgrading from 6.5. Have they made any improvemnets to Pitch Correct or Loop Mash?

No, and no. :-/

The only one improvement in the pitch coreect is, you can show VariAudio of more tracks in one window simultaneously. So you can see whole harmony.

And there is Hermode intonation.

Pitch correct = Plugin
VariAudio = Variaudio

Yes, Pitch correct is the plug-in, and VariAudio is not a plug-in. But you can use the VariAudio for correction of pitches. This is the reason, why I mentoined it.

Since my projects where pitch correct was added to vocal tracks chrashed - sometimes during playback and very often on mixdwon - I removed it from all tracks and started correcting with Variaudio. So pitch correct is currently useless unless you want to get that “Cher” effect to the vocal track :laughing:

Varioaudio turned out to be a very nice tool, especially when you want to quickly build or modify choruses and your (female) singers are not around for the back vocals.

Still waiting for the first comments on C7.0.2 before updating from C5.5.3.

Those who first install the update, please mail your results.



Thanks All!!