Curious bug when dragging

I often have multiple montages open, and switch between them. I also usually expand or contract the montage time axis by dragging up or down from the time ruler.

If I switch from one montage tab to another and then immediately drag upwards from the ruler, then as the cursor leaves the ruler it changes, and the expansion stops happening (going downwards is not a problem, but reversing the mouse and going above the ruler still has the problem). Subsequent drags are correct.

9.5.15 on Windows

PS - this also happens in other circumstances, but I haven’t been able to reproduce them.


I can reproduce this too, in Elements 9.5.15. But it doesn’t happen in Pro 9.5.20. Or Pro 9.5.25.

Was 9.5.25 announced? I only just found it.

If it was announced, the announcement was weak.

If you’re on Facebook, you can join this group I made:

The announcement was on 22 March - I follow Steinberg RSS news and Twitter and it was there on both. Don’t recall seeing anything here indeed…

.25 was a hot-fix for a specific bug, and was mentioned in the thread about it (I can’t remember what it was, though).

Ah, ok. Thanks everybody. Sorry to disrupt the topic, but I realized I was commenting based on 9.5.20, not 9.5.25.