Curious ISRC reading issue...

I created some master disks and sent to a client, I have the Wavelab CD montage, a Plextools Pro disk report of the actual physical master and a reference disk which I keep myself.

I have read the ISRC codes off with a Plextor 712A using Plextools pro and also a Plextor 716SA in a different machine
using the latest version of Plextools. The ISRC codes are all perfectly ok as far as my burners/Plextools report.

The client says he is reading the ISRC as starting with GAEGD instead of GB67P that I read.

Clients software and hardware:

ISRC viewer, wavelab 5 (demo) & Exact Audio Copy on a HP Touchsmart IQ770 (Windows Vista/Serial ATA Harddrive) and ISRC viewer on an Acer Aspire 9300 laptop (Windows XP).

Is it just his 2 consumer drives are incapable of correctly reading ISRC?

It’s a conundrum.

Out of interest I installed this :

Which can read ISRC codes, incidently ISRCviewer trial stated my OEM burner in my desktop internet PC was capable of reading ISRC codes then requested I pay for the full $9.95

Tau Analyzer received garbage for the ISRC from my OEM generic drive, not conslusive but it does strongly suggest many generic OEM drives can’t read ISRC properly.

yes, that’s exactly the problem.
I experienced it myself. With my LG no problem at all. With my Pioneer it’s a nightmare. Some drives just can’t get it right.