Curious key editor behavior...

I have been revising the key editor and it sure is powerful and useful. However, when I used the line tools, sine waves and square waves it just gave me a line of same pitch notes.
Also, my murky brain cell recalls that there was a method of restricting input to diatonic notes - avoiding those accidental messes - like my little grandchild is told.

Is this still possible?



Make sure, Snap is switched Off, when you are drawing Sine, Triangle or Square.

Yes Martin, but with snap on should it behave this way?

Is there some kind of diatonic tool anymore?


It works as expected to me. If you set your grid to very small (like 1/128), and make the Sine phase long, then it makes the sine. And all Notes are quantized.

I don’t hint, there is a diatonic tool. But you track can follow the Chord track, or the Scale. Then you will get only the Notes of the Chord, or the scale.

How do you “follow the scale” Martin?


It’s in the Chord tab of the Track’s Inspector.

Zero, if you’re asking if notes can be pitch quantized while you are entering them with the line tools, the answer is no, unfortunately.