Curious Keyswitch Dilemma

I have the 8dio Claire Clarinet (for full Kontakt) and I’m trying to make an expression map using keyswitches. The problem: There are several banks of articulations, and each bank contains identical keyswitch names. For instance, one bank for a “natural” articulation is C0, then other banks also have keyswitches designated C0. Is this an issue anyone has encountered?

So how do you switch banks?

Can you change the keyswitches via the VST?

Yes, I can do it through Kontakt. I’m starting to think I need a separate expression map for each “bank” I want to use. Then somehow figure out how to invoke the different expression maps on the same staff.

You could try using Independent Voice Playback. This would allow you to have, for example, Up-stem Voice 1 and Down-stem Voice 1 in separate channels. You’d just need to make sure you use the correct voice when adding music.