Curious problem setting up a new M1 Apple Studio

I used a newly created Time Machine backup to install all files, programs and ID info from a MacPro to an Apple Studio. Dorico is running well, but when I load certain files, Dorico informs me that they were created in a later version of Dorico, which is simply not the case. Strangely the Dorico program itself is Intel 64 (4.0.31. 1060) and not universal, and the Steinberg Download Assistent won’t open at all. Any ideas?

Are you sure it’s not just running in Rosetta? Where are you seeing “Intel 64”?

I’d recommend re-installing everything to do with Dorico, rather than relying on the Time Machine transfer.

Thanks for writing, Ben. I’m afraid that migrating everything via a Time Machine transfer has installed Intel versions of all my programs instead of the Universal versions. Unfortunately, whereas Dorico is running, I can’t use the Steinberg Download Assistant.

You can always re-download the download assistant. A fresh install of that will no doubt solve the problem.

Are you sure? Normally, the two versions are merged in the same executable file. You can’t split them up.

What information are you seeing that leads you to that conclusion?

When setting up a new computer, I always do a fresh install of everything. Takes more time but less problems.

I thought of doing that but the thought of how complicated that was going to be was daunting.

I found it really strange that calling up file info of the programs showed, under Type, App (Intel:64).
I ended up returning the new computer to its factory settings and repeating the action using the Migration Assistant. I’ll let you know what happens when it’s finished.

I feel your pain. I think Migration Assistant would work better going from modern system 1 to modern system 2 with the same OS. But in this case it’s Intel to Apple Silicon. I’m sure it’s smart but not that smart. I am able to regenerate preference files and export and import settings in some apps as well.

It turned out that PathFinder, a Finder substitute, was giving this incorrect information in its File Info window.

Ended up using the Migration Assistant, which was at least 10x faster.