Curious Synchron Strings Question

How come my Synchron strings only start sounding from the second bar on? The first bar never plays, it’s always silent, even though there are notes there. I use the Synchron expression maps and it plays everything fine, from spiccato, to pizz. to Arco and so forth, but just never the 1st bar. If you load the default HSO Pro or Noteperformer, bang everything plays on the first bar.

BTW I post on the VSL forums, but no one ever answers there, so it’s better to come to this forum for suggestions.


This is strange and certainly not the behavior I’m experiencing. Could you share a file that exhibits this?

I tried an experiment, I put four quarter notes in the first bar of violin 1. It will start playing only on beat 2, the first beat stays silent. I haven’t really made a file, as I am just experimenting with the program, trying it out. Is there some kind of fade in or latency issue in those samples?

I just tried this in Cubase and it is fine there. It plays right from the downbeat, so it is in Dorico only. I’ve tried raising the issue at the VSL site, but I never get a response from them.

But yet again, this is not how it behaves on my computer. That’s why I asked you to upload a file of yours here :wink:
Let’s do it the other way round. Here’s a file, it does work here. Try it on your system and tell me how it behaves.
Prokovief – Pierre et le loup VSL Elite début.dorico (1.7 MB)

Is it set to “load on midi activity”…?

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Thanks for the file, Marc. It won’t load in my Dorico. Is it a Mac file? I’m on Dorico on a Mac.

All the best,
Lee Holdridge

Yes, it’s a mac Dorico 4.2 file.

It will load, and I can see the score and everything, but it will not load any sounds. It shows that it is using the Synchron player but no patches come up. It then freezes Dorico and I have to force quit to get out.

Ok. Try this one (I’ve deleted all the unused instruments and reapplied the synchron strings pro playback template). My automation settings are clearly not optimized, but I can hear every note, specially the first notes.
Prokovief – Pierre et le loup VSL synchron strings début.dorico (1.4 MB)

Hello Marc,

I really appreciate your efforts to help me. I tried this file and it loads, I can see the score correctly, but I cannot apply any template to it. there must be some big difference between your setup and mine. Let’s try an experiment, export that piece to XML and send me that, and I’ll do an import. Let’s see if that works.

I made a quick string fragment using my Synchron Prime strings. It is attached, see if you can load it. Everything plays, all the expressions and so forth. It just will not play the 1st note of bar 1.

I finally found a way to submit a support request to VSL. Let’s see if they shed any light on the issue.

All the best,
Lee Holdridge

String Compare Synchron.dorico (717 KB)

I just opened your file and… it plays perfectly from the first note. Not sure how I can help you further :person_shrugging:
I didn’t understand you were using synchron prime — you talked about synchron strings… I should have sent you my file with synchron prime strings loaded.

Okay, thanks for your patience. I suspect some setting in the Synchron player that I have not found (the manual is very sparse). I’ll see if VSL sheds any light.

All the best,

What computer are you using? Maybe it has some impact (although I think Prime has been optimized to work on any system, IIRC)…

It’s the new Mac Studio. Works really well. I use both Cubase and Dorico. Everything works fine on both platforms, it’s just that small oddity with Synchron Prime.

Wow! That’s a beast compared to my 2019 16 inch macbookpro (i9, 32 GB ram)
It should work easily…

Yes, it works very well. I have to use both platforms in Rosetta mode as devs are slow to upgrade to the default M1 mode.

I thought Synchron was M1 ready… It’s in the pipeline — iLok was the priority.

Yes, it’s not ready yet. The one I want is the new NotePerformer. That program is amazing, but it does need to be updated.

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You’re not alone in this forum :wink: we ALL want NP4 :rofl:

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