Curly brace

Perhaps it’s been asked before, sorry, I can’t find it.
In some projects the curly braces don’t display correctly.
The upper point of the brace does not reach the top of the stave.
Is there somewhere (Engraving options ? ) a possibility to adjust the brace?
Or: how does this happen? In other projects the braces are correct…
Screen print 01.png

Could you attach a project in which this is going wrong? There are no settings to influence this, so this must be a bug of some kind, but not one we’re currently aware of.

Thanks Daniel,
Attached a small project with the faulty brace.
14 - Kyrie - cury (374 KB)

It took a bit of finding, but the problem is caused by the ‘Default music font’ font style (in Engrave > Font Styles) being set to 19pt: change this to 20pt and everything should look correct.

That did the trick, Daniel, thanks.

I liked the smaller noteheads in a project, but they will disturb the dimensions between noteheads etc. and staves…

Dear Jackvl,

The default noteheads in Dorico are not the “default noteheads”, but “larger noteheads”. Have you tried to change the noteheads default to “default noteheads” to make sure it suits your needs ?

Thanks Marc,
Yes I did. It would be nice to have some more (custom)-size noteheads available.