Curly bracket for divisi

I am writing a score and there are some divisi changes inside string staves and I will waste space if I notated from the begining.
There is customary to schange divisi inside staff by adding a curly bracket where is the change.
How can I reproduce that with dorico? I tried to manipulate some vertical lines, but I don’t find the solution.
Any ideas? Thanks

No, I’m afraid you cannot currently create a stretchy brace as a line in Dorico. It’s been requested before and is on our wish list for the future. For the time being I would suggest either using a text item with collision avoidance disabled, or bringing in a graphic, perhaps as a playing technique that you then position inside the staff in Engrave mode.

Thank you! I hope is going to become a “default” solution in the future.
Also if you are implementing this, think about “col tutti” option, when a solo instrument of the section is playing with the tutti.
And at last, especially for string divisi condensing, but not only, is very helpful to have an option for “keep accidentals visibility proprieties” included.

All the best!

is this option still considered for the future?or has it been solved and I missed it?
I would like to be able to use a curly bracket as a vertical line for divisi purposes.
THank you

Yusayit, curly braces have not yet been implemented in the lines panel.