Current flow (playback and visibility)

In I found this;

We have several playback functions already:

  • play from the current position (the ‘play head’),
  • play from the selection,
  • play from the last place you started playback from,
  • play from the start of the current flow and
  • play from the start of the score
  1. I’ve searched, but I haven’t found out where to choose among these options. Are they implemented in the UI yet?

2, The term “Current Flow” was used by Daniel in a thread about MusicXML export, meaning the flow that is named in the document title at the top bar of the Dorico window. Am I right in assuming that this is the same current flow that Paul mentions when talking about playback?

  1. My intuition told med that I could set a flow as current by selecting it in the Flows panel in Setup mode, but no. It seems like the Flows panel isn’t connected to which flow is current at all. I have to scroll my way through the music until I find something in the flow I want that is mouse selectable, and that does the job. I suppose that the somewhat passive role that the Flows panel has right now is only temporary, and that in the future we’ll be able to navigate and “set as current” visually, audibly and exportwise from here. Am I right?

I think the flows idea is what totally sets you apart from the competition. Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to see the next episode :slight_smile:

Some of these are bound to shortcuts:

  • Space: start from playhead
  • P: play from selection
  • Shift-space: play from last start location
  • Shift-alt-space: play from start of current flow

The current flow is just the one that you did the last editing or selection operation in.

It should probably be the case that selecting a flow in Setup mode should make it ‘current’ - that does make total sense and is just an omission. I anticipate that navigation between flows (eg scroll view to next flow) is something that we’ll add sooner rather than later.