Current gaming computers for audio production?

ISO advise for buying a new studio computer. I dont run huge projects but want something relatively future proof ( the machine I am retiring is 10 years old, with windows 7). ( I mainly use Cubase, Reason, and Komplete Ultimate - in addition to the usual RAM, processor, and hard drive requirements I am wanting a quiet tower with 3-4 drive bays, and lots of ports).

I am looking at the latest iteration (R9) of liquid-cooled Dell Alien ware (desk top) (or a heatsinked XPS) The specs look more than adequate for my needs, but I have seen the occasional forum post stating that gaming computers are not so well suited to audio production, looking at specs I can’t see why this would be the case?

( I was about to buy a specced out mac mini, but after a bit of research I am very wary of getting into Catalina, and after adding extra drives via drobo, that ends up being about %40 more expensive).

Can anybody here shed some light on the general pros and cons of buying a gaming computer ( and the specific pros and cons of a CURRENT Alienware) for audio production? I am especially interested in feedback from folks who have done this in the last 6-12 months. Thanks.

Just on a general note I’d say that some people stay away from gaming computers because they contain stuff that you don’t need in a DAW, especially if you intend to use it for work. So by default a DAW might not need WIFI enabled, or Bluetooth, or might give lower priority to some components etc. So I think it’s more those sorts of things rather than the actual performance of the individual components. I can also imagine that a gaming machine would be using a motherboard with less connectivity compared to us in content creation. For a gamer a drive or two might be enough whereas for us it’s not uncommon at all to need far more than a couple of drives for work. Also there might be a tilt towards for example quite expensive video cards that we don’t need for audio.

Not sure where you live, but if you don’t want to build your own computer you could look for a builder of DAWs instead of a gaming PC builder.

Can’t help with Alienware specifically though.