Current Iconica downloads - does the current version also run on Halion 6?

I am currently thinking of taking the 60% off deal for Iconica Ensembles.

I have Halion 6 & run on Cubase 11pro.

As system requirements Halion 7 is listed. However, can I savely assume that it will run on Halion 6 as well or would I need to additionally install Halion Sonic 7 to run it?

New Iconica licences are issued on Steinberg Licensing, so they will not be recognised by HALion 6 (which has no Steinberg Licensing support). You will need to install HALion Sonic 7 to use Iconica Ensembles.

If you want to use Iconica Ensembles with HALion, then you must upgrade to HALion 7.

Hi David, thx for the reply.
At the time I got Halion as part of Absolute. I’ve only used it as “container” to load VST instruments, i.e. only its very basic functions which Sonic has as well.
Given that, would I need the Halion functions in order to make FULL use of Iconica, or is Sonic sufficient?