Current known issues and solutions for HALion 5

Important information for those who have purchased H5 already.

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Known issues and solutions

Adding a layer with Key Switches to the B-Box –H-4966

B-Box not playing correctly when a second layer containing Key Switches is added to a program. > There is no workaround for this issue.

Sudden stop of the B-Box and arpeggiator playback –H-4899

When “Hold” is activated in combination with the trigger mode “Next Beat” the playback of the B-Box or the
arpeggiator can stop. > There is no workaround for this issue.

Deactivating the arpeggiator in Auron – H-4799

In some of the presets of Auron there may be no sound after turning off the arpeggiator. This will occur when certain parameters like volume or grain position are modulated in the controller lane since deactivating the arpeggiator sets the modulated parameter to zero. Turning off the controller lane modulation before deactivating the arpeggiator can be used as a workaround.


Thanks for sharing this info Daniel!

I think this information may be already obsolete, since it mentions the first release (5.0.0, June 2013), while the actual installation is from July 1st.